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Hi, I am Elizabeth!

My dream?

Changing the world! Not the whole world, though; only the one of my dear fellow colleagues. Who knows? It would sure be easier for us if all passengers could always be nice and behave on board to begin with :) 


That is the reason why, in 2010, I've created my blog It all started with some anecdotes on board but it rapidly led to a major publishing contract in Quebec, Canada. 

And based on what my readers have shared with me, it would appear that my words have successfully changed their perspectives on cabin crew members. Some would even go as far as never asking a flight attendant for a tomato juice again… 

After writing my successful trilogy inspired by my own personal life and experience at 36 000 feet, I have decided to make accessible Volume 1 to the English speaking market. Click here to read it! 

Also, I invite you visit my shop BOUTIQUE #FLYWITHME, where I offer you my best discoveries around the world. (clothing or accessories) 

Have a great flight! 

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