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Welcome to my website! 

I'm a flight attendant.

What's your superpower?

Where do you want to travel?

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CALL ME STEWARDESS will make you travel around the world and fall in love with the mysterious world of aviation and of course a certain pilot... But where it all began?

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From Portugal to Bali, I bring back my best discoveries from around the world. (Clothing and accessories)

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Where it all started. If you speak french you may like to visit my blog to travel around the world with me and read funny stories on board. 


Hi, I am Elizabeth! I'm a writer and also a great flight attendant! HAHA!

I started writing about my job dreaming one day, all my passengers will be nice on board... Possible you think?


Well if you read my book, it may actually happen! 

Call me stewardess



Already a bestseller in its french original version, CALL ME STEWARDESS is the book to read to escape your everyday life at 36 000 feet in the air!


Welcome to the love story of a flight attendant and a pilot – a story inspired by true events, lived by no other than the novel's author and flight attendant Elizabeth Landry. A story in which desire, love and adventure come together in the mysterious world of aviation. Expect some turbulence… 

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